Garage Doors Near Plover and New Berlin, WI

Offering Top-of-the-Line Garage Doors Near Plover and New Berlin, WI

Every garage needs a reliable garage door that will complement the home, provide security, and do its job well. Central Door Solutions offers just that! We have some of the best garage doors available! Contact us to get started with a new garage door near Plover and New Berlin, WI!

A new garage door can dramatically increase a home’s curb appeal and safety factors. When you upgrade your home in this way, you’re choosing an option that will keep on benefiting your home for a long time. Our new garage doors can be just the boost your home needs! Schedule an appointment today!

Our Garage Door Brands

Check out our top garage door brands and favorite models from each! There are so many options to choose from! Contact us to select your new garage door near Plover and New Berlin, WI today!


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Garage Doors Near Plover and New Berlin, WI

Types of Garage Doors

Feeling overwhelmed with choices? No need! Central Door Solutions can help you choose the perfect new garage door! We can help make the choice easier by breaking down these many styles into three main groups: traditional, carriage house, and modern garage doors.


Traditional garage doors are the ones you likely see the most often. These doors have simple panel designs and window arrangements, little to no hardware, and are usually white. These doors are a great option for any style of home!

Carriage House

Carriage house garage doors take it up a level by the amount of decorative features they have! These doors will typically have an “x” or “v” shaped pattern on their panels, replicating old barn-style doors. Most of these doors will be in neutral colors, mimicking a wood look.


Modern garage doors take the cake as far as originality goes! These doors are unique in every way! From asymmetrical elements and flush panels to bold colors and full-view windows, these doors do it all!

Contact Us for a New Garage Door

Ready to get started with your new garage door? Contact us! We can help you choose the perfect new door based on your budget, style preference, and needs. We also offer garage door installation near Plover and New Berlin, WI to ensure that your garage door is working perfectly. Schedule an appointment today to get started!

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